RPG Group Templates

I created a recyclable RPG group template that went through several iterations and survived several years.


RPG Group Template

I created RPG group website template in 2011 for my former RPG group. Subsequently, several other RPG group operators requested permission to use my template for their own Wolf CMS site themes. The themes included here are the only ones I actually created, however. The other operators were easily able to modify my created template to create their own custom themes!



Responsibilities & Tools

Wolf CMS, CSS, HTML, PHP, Photoshop

Inferni RPG Group

View: inferni.soulsrpg.com

My former RPG group needed a new theme. This became especially apparent once Inferni received beautiful artwork courtesy of Kiriska. The new template was intended to be more modern and simple, with emphasis on the information. Quite a lot of time was spent on the information hierarchy and trying to make information as clear as possible on-site.



Responsibilities & Tools

Wolf CMS, Photoshop, CSS, HTML, PHP