RPG Resources (v2)

The v2 version of this site is the first WordPress iteration of Forum Roleplay. I painstakingly, manually converted it from Wolf CMS. The “conversion” was not just switching from Wolf CMS to WordPress, however. I also rebranded the project as Forum Roleplay, rewrote and reorganized the content, optimized for SEO, and added numerous features that had previously been missing from the site.

Although I was very happy with the conversion at first, I quickly realized some features were “tacked on.” I was still learning WordPress in-depth at this point, and as I worked on converting the site over, I realized there were some features that might be super nice to have — like a forum and similar. So that meant that a lot of the functionality I added wound up poorly designed. The next iteration was a lot easier since I knew what functionality was there already!

It was not terribly long before I began working on a new version.





Responsibilities & Tools

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