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Hello, Iā€™m Kate Walsh. Iā€™m an experienced and multidisciplinary full stack web engineer. Technology is my jams. šŸ±šŸŽ¶


With over a decade of career experience, I have developed a broad range of technical, communication, business, and creative skills. I have strong and lifelong passion for what I do. I’m obsessed with computers and technology in general. I enjoy learning new technology, and adapting it to human needs. I taught myself most of what I know — if I’m a fish, auto-didactic learning is my water.

  • I greatly enjoy WordPress, Laravel, PHP, Bash, Git, and front end stuff like CSS, Sass, and build tools ranging from old-school grunt to more modern implementations. JavaScript itches, but it’s cool, too.
  • I prefer typing things over visual interfaces, but I’m not a purist either way — the visual interface usually helps me learn.
  • I’ve worked in agency, in-house, start-up, and independent freelance environments.
  • I’ve worked almost a decade remotely with your standard-fare independence and self-discipline.
  • I’m mostly on macOS, but I also speak Windows and a little Linux.
  • I wrote my first HTML tag (a marquee) and swapped my first graphics card in 2001.
  • I went to a top 25 magnet high school with a strong focus on technology.

If you want to know more, please see my resume or portfolio.


I use two separate desks in two separate rooms. Separation of concerns is important even in meatspace.

The current Windows PC is named Charon. It lives in a completely unnecessary full-tower Corsair 780T case running an AMD Ryzen 5 3600x, a GeForce 1070 Ti, two monitors including a 244hz, and 32 GB of mismatched brand RAM.

The current work 2019 MacBook Pro setup is named Sisyphus. It contains the laptop, two recycled 144hz PC monitors, an unnecessarily expensive recycled gaming mouse, and wayyy too many extenders and adapters.

The keyboards are, respectively, a Ducky One with white LEDs and Cherry MX Blues, and a macOS New Model M with buckling springs.

The above two computers are my primary weapons of choice. Naturally, several other random laptops and PCs are scattered around my house. They range from a non-booting ancient IBM 300PL used by one of the nuclear physicists who assisted during the Three Mile Island incident — to a 2020 Best Buy box my dad bought and then promptly gave to me when he figured out he likes laptops better.


I live in New Jersey with my husband Drew. We have three cats (a tuxedo, a calico, and an all-black cat named after the Greek goddess of chaos – GIFed below, showing better programming skills than GitHub Copilot).

If the above “proud parent” levels of blathering about my computers did not make such abundantly clear… I am a giant nerd.

Outside of technology nerdery, I like cats, memes, poker, reading, gaming, thrifting and secondhand sale, and a great many other wonderful things. šŸˆā€ā¬›šŸ’»šŸ“•šŸŽ®