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I’m Kate, nice to meet you!


With over 10 years experience in all aspects of technology and a strong professional focus on web development, I’m a flexible and creative individual. I have a wide variety of technical and creative skills, ranging from documentation and writing abilities to computer hardware.

I have strong experience working on a team, and working between different departments. I try to seek understanding of other departmental goals — whether that’s marketing or project management — so I can work more easily with others.

I wrote my first HTML tag (a marquee) in 2001, and swapped my first graphics card around the same year. I have strong and lifelong passion for what I do. I went to a top 25 high school with a strong focus on technology. I’ve been freelancing for the past decade, and I’ve worked in agencies for the past several years.

I’m obsessed with computers and technology in general. I enjoy learning new technology, and learning how to adapt it to human needs.

If you want to know more, please see my resume or portfolio.


I live in New Jersey with my partner Drew and my sister Jules.

We have three dogs and two cats. Animals and pets are a lifelong passion; I’ve had long-time involvement with rescue organizations.

I’m a giant nerd! I like many things.

I like video games. I’ve been playing since Super Nintendo — these days I play on PC. Overwatch is my current flame, but I’ve played and loved many games.

I love media flavored with post-apocalyptic, futuristic, or dystopian. The Fallout game series, The Handmaid’s Tale novel, and the movie Children of Men are good examples of things I really like. But I also enjoy other things ranging from The Blues Brothers movies to the show Six Feet Under.

I like poker! On my 21st birthday, I chose to go play in Atlantic City rather than hit the bars — I wound up winning a Bad Beat Jackpot!