Brief Update on Linode Hosting

January 5, 2016

Categorized: Kate's Updates

Back in October I moved to Linode for hosting my site. Happy to report — I haven’t had any problems! Apparently there have been recent issues in late December (apparently many people were suffering some serious downtime thanks to DDOS attacks). But I wasn’t affected much — maybe a couple hours of downtime one day, but other than that, nothing.

So I’m very happy here!

MySQL Issues

The only problem I have been having, however, are intermittent MySQL disconnections. I lost my database for ten minute stretches maybe once every two days. Of course I could see in my Linode manager, my actual server was fine. So I looked around a little and found this answer which points to this documentation. Since I’m on the cheapest tier, this was a fix I figured I needed to apply. And what do you know — not a moment of downtime since I applied the fix.


I used my old post about back-ups to again get a script and cron job running for back-ups. It was a smooth/easy process this time around, yay! Even though I have automated back-ups on my server, plus automated copying to my local hard drive — I’m going to buy Linode’s backup service as well eventually. Can’t have too many back-ups, right?

So that’s about it. Nothing earth-shattering or ground-breaking to report — but that’s a relatively good thing, as it means I have not burned everything down. :D