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October 22, 2015

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resume-final So! It looks like my job is moving to Wayne, New Jersey. We’re currently in Kenilworth. The thing is — they can’t take me with them! Only a few employees are moving on to Wayne. So it looks like I’m looking for a job again after only ten months — not where I wanted to be!

It makes me sad because I really like my coworkers (wrote two of them recommendations on LinkedIn!), everyone I work with is awesome. I also really liked doing what I did, of course… but that’s just the nature of contract work, too.

Here’s to awesome new opportunities!

More About Me

I’ve updated my Resume, Portfolio, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. I’ve sent out a few applications as well from trawling through Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster.

Not bad for ten hours after hearing the news! ;)

What I’m Looking For

  • Interview: ASAP
  • Start: November 1 or later
  • Roles: Front end web developer, WordPress developer, web designer
  • Locations: Northern New Jersey (especially Elizabeth, Union County, Newark, Jersey City), New York City, Remote
  • Preferred Job Types: Full-time or contract (part-time considered with 20+ guaranteed hours per week)
  • Preferred Job Perks: Health insurance, 401K matching, flexible hours or full/part-time work-from-home


E-mail me for the fastest response. Thanks for looking!