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Certara is a site I inherited from another developer some time after my tenure began at JK Design. Certara is a large medical software and medical consulting company. Their site provides (among other things) information about numerous softwares to help doctors test and evaluate different drugs and medical treatments; a detailed personnel directory; and a huge Resource Library of articles, citations, white papers, webinars, blog posts, and much more.

Another developer initially created the front and back end of the site. Following my take-over, I was responsible for a number of things with this large WordPress site, including:

  • Maintaining and updating plugins and core WordPress without downtime
  • Working from client-provided designs to implement the team page and team profile templates as well as the blog redesign
  • Working closely with the digital marketing team to implement various forms of analytics and tracking
  • Integrating the site with Marketo, including a “content locker” that hides content until the user submits a form
  • Implemented a custom sharing widget allowing the user to share content across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Undertook a blog redesign and restructuring, including category/tag combination filtered archives, a custom category and tag sidebar, category-based headers, and more.
  • Undertook a staff/team page redesign project


Certara (JK Design)

Responsibilities & Tools

WordPress, Underscores/_s, Search & Filter, PHP, Sass, Compass, jQuery/JavaScript