Dog Trainer’s Site

This is an unfinished, work-in-progress site for my sister. We’ll be completing it when she’s ready to freelance as a dog trainer. She is amazing and trains protection dogs, as well as doggies who need a little help with their obedience, and much more. My sister is amazing, as I said!

I wanted to avoid the super cutesy paws-everywhere, overly-colorful design prevalent in this space. That style of design is prevalent. I figured the clean, black-and-white design could be a stand-out.

I made use out of a FAQ plugin I also use on this site,

Mock-Up PSD Download (Free PSD to HTML Practice Template)

You can download the mock-up PSD I created for this site.

This is also a free template for developers who want to practice their PSD to HTML skills. I posted this PSD on Reddit a long time ago for that purpose and gave permission to a dev wanting to practice their PSD conversion skills. So feel free to download and give it a shot!

If you want to turn your PSD to HTML practice into a real live site — I only ask that you change colors and images around a bit and make the design your own. I appreciate your consideration. :)





Responsibilities & Tools

  • Design, development
  • Photoshop, WordPress, Underscores, PHP, Sass, CSS, HTML