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Empower Somerset is a Somerville, New Jersey non-profit dedicated to preventing substance abuse and addiction disorder problems in youth and students. With several videos promoting anti-drug ideals, Empower Somerset wanted to create a quiz application that could be distributed to New Jersey youths.

For this project, I worked with an excellent Northern NJ designer to get the primary and front end application screens designed from the ground up. We collaborated together, with mutual feedback provided through the design and development processes.

The development work involved the creation of a Laravel quiz application, including but not limited to:

  • Ability to house several videos, with several questions per video
  • Several questions per video
  • Some anti-cheat measures
  • PDF certificate completion
  • Admin panel with information regarding answers, questions, response rates, and similar
  • Implemented Laravel localization for certain Spanish-language quizzes
  • Created dashboard reporting feature to export data from the quizzes into CSV format
  • Deployed the site to a DigitalOcean LEMP stack server
  • Configured tugboat.qa for quality assurance and change reviews
  • Enabled multiple languages for quizzes, allowing students who speak Spanish to take quizzes in their most comfortable language


Empower Somerset – sobertruth4youth.org



Responsibilities & Tools

Laravel, Laravel PDF, PHP, Sass, Webpack, DigitalOcean, Tugboat


Design: Michael Gerberville