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The School Health NJ website project was an overhaul of an existing WordPress site.  The existing site had five years worth of articles already on it, and was built with Avada. So part of this project initially included a transfer of pages and posts from the old site, with a quick filtering update to all the posts on the site to remove Avada shortcodes. The new work on the site included a rebuild with minimal plugins used and templates pulling from Advanced Custom Fields, along with information reorganization and rearchitecture.   In addition to development work, stock photography selection and editing work was performed for this project. Many of the stock photos on SHNJ were taken in New Jersey, of New Jersey students! It’s a neat little touch on the site.

For this site, it was especially important that we focus on accessibility. School-related resources must be made accessible to all. So from the design stages through to the final quality assurance stages, there was a focus on accessibility. All design colors were checked through WCAG color contrast checkers to maintain a minimum contrast ratio. Toward the end of the project, keyboard navigation was investigated throughout each page. HTML validity was also ascertained. Lastly, we added an Accessibility page — so that even in the case of an accessibility issue, we can be alerted and make steps to fix the issue! SHNJ is WCAG 2.1 compliant!

The project was a really good one for me. I’m quite proud of the work, and I feel it is an important resource for New Jersey. We’re often top of the lists in education across the US, and initiatives like SHNJ are absolutely helpful to that goal. So this project was important and genuinely good, I feel very proud to have participated in this project!


School Health NJ



Responsibilities & Tools

WordPress, _s Theme, Advanced Custom Fields, JavaScript, PHP, Sass, Gulp, WCAG 2.1, WAVE Site Checker, aXe Site Checker, manual accessibility testing