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Getting Stock and Project Photos

A common question I see is, “How do I find images to use on the Internet?” Whether you’re looking for something to just play around with and learn the basics or you’re seeking non-copyrighted images for use in paid projects, there are lots of places to find free images on the Internet. My aim here isn’t to create any kind of comprehensive list. I’m giving a list of the sites I tend to use more frequently than not, and what I tend to use them for. All freebie sites are not equal; you’ll have a better time searching if you […]

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Monoprice Digital Drawing Tablets

Why not add my voice? This isn’t an in-depth review by any means — if you’re looking for that, I recommend this review of the 12×9 tablet by deviantART user draw2much, one among many I read before purchasing this tablet. It includes pictures!

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Nexus Font Manager

I was yowling with someone (Kiriska? Iversia?) over Twitter over fonts and software to manage fonts. I don’t think we knew of any that weren’t super expensive. I recently found Nexus Font Manager and I’ve been using it long enough (a few weeks) that I feel comfortable recommending it. It’s pretty nice, and only took me maybe two or three minutes to figure out the essentials. Why bother? Tons of fonts can slow down your computer (SuperUser source). It’s usually minute, but still. The bigger issue: it’s a giant pain and repeatedly wastes your time when you pick through many hundreds (or thousands) […]

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