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Hiring a SEO Company for the Non-Technical

This started out as a comment in response to someone interested in hiring an external SEO company, and got rather long. If you’re a business owner, how do you find a good SEO company or provider? Unfortunately, SEO has a poor reputation to some due to poor providers. You’re right to worry about bad providers. Bad SEO can mean someone spinning up a thousand spammy comment links pointing back to your site, like it’s 2004. This may not sound damaging — but enough of the “bad SEO” can result in your business getting deindexed from Google, meaning you can say […]

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Buying a Website 101

This is a 101 guide to buying a website. It’s intended to guide first-time website buyers through some preliminary preparation steps. As the buyer of a website, these are things you can do to prepare before talking to anyone or asking questions. Note: if you’re thinking about buying a website and you have a specific developer in mind, you should probably read their information on preparation.

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