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August 29, 2014

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  • CSS Guidelines
  • !# for removing scroll-to-top on empty anchor link
  • Photoshop Layer Filtering
  • A few things I’ve done since July

CSS Guidelines

Discovered CSS Guidelines via Twitter. Read through most of it, have to finish it up! I know I have to write better CSS — what I do is definitely not scalable or maintainable by others.

Hashbang for Removing Scroll-to-Top on an Anchor Link

I found this StackOverflow answer while working on the header for ‘Souls. It’s annoying when you have an empty link and it jumps to the top of the page. Using the “#!” as the href works because:

There’s nothing magic about the exclamation mark – it just makes a convenient fragment identifier because it’s noticeably different to a typical fragid and unlikely to ever match the id or name of an element on your page. Indeed, we could put almost anything after the hash; the only fragids that won’t suffice are the empty string, the word ‘top’, or strings that match name or id attributes of elements on the page.

— Matt Crinklaw-Vogt

Layer Filtering in Adobe Photoshop

I’ve been using Photoshop forever and ever — I started on PS7, which I got in the seventh grade. I was still using PS7 up until about a year ago (I know, I know). So I was (and still am?) seriously out of date as far as Photoshop goes. There’s still a lot of newer stuff I’m learning. Imagine my delight when I discovered layer filtering.

In documents with a ton of layers and groups and crap,  filtering through layer types to find what you need is way, way necessary. I don’t usually work with huge documents with so many layers, but I have been as of late, so this was a good thing to learn for sure…

Stuff I’ve Done

  • PHP, HTML, CSS: At ‘Souls, we rolled a new header for the forum (phpBB with a lot of customization/modifications/etc.). It figures out whether a user is logged in or not, and displays different links accordingly, along with a couple other neat things (custom searches that allow the user to find all of their posts in a specific group of forums, or all of their posts period, etc.). (Yes, I also set everything on fire while rolling this to public. It was only aflame for about fifteen minutes, though~)
  • CSS: Also at ‘Souls, I made — three skins? Two of them, someone else already started them, but I tweaked those two. The third is one I made, using Font Awesome to add some neat stuff to certain links, etc. I am super happy with it and will post a screenshot when it’s live!
  • PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS: Also-also at ‘Souls, I did a thing that pulls a list of all open threads (those needing replies, with only one participant) depending on the topic icon used. Got a bunch of help on that one, but I at least got it going.
  • Photoshop, Sketches, Brain-thoughts: At work, I’ve been working on a lot more conceptual-type stuff and less web. Challenging but something different/new, too! I really, really, really want to roll the new website, though.