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IPB 1.3.1 to phpBB 3 Forum Conversion

I had an old forum archive on IPB 1.3.1 Final forum software from Invision Power Board. 1.3.1F is over 10 years old — it hasn’t been supported in a really, really long time, and its community of users is dwindling (or even nonexistent). More pressing, however — webhosts have been upgrading PHP lately. 1.3.1F has ceased to function without updates to make it compatible with new versions of PHP: some functions used by 1.3.1F have been deprecated, unsurprisingly. There are instructions as to how to make 1.3.1F compatible, but running an ancient and unsupported application isn’t ideal. We didn’t want […]

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Neat Things Since July

CSS Guidelines !# for removing scroll-to-top on empty anchor link Photoshop Layer Filtering A few things I’ve done since July

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