katemwalsh.com (v2)

This is the “second” version of my personal site, redone in June 2015 (v2) and November 2016 (v2.1). This version is v2 and v2.1 — I originally had a heckin’ cool lighting storm background. Sadly lighting storms, as awesome as they are, are not super professional. I ended up stripping out the lighting background and recreated the site with a slightly more professional look in 2016.

In addition to the re-theme, portfolio functionality was introduced in this update. I added a custom post type, taxonomy, meta, and customized the templates for single and archive views.





Responsibilities & Tools

  • Underscores (_s), Waypoints, Sass, Grunt, Bourbon, Neat
  • Lightning header photo credit to jpaxonreyes@Flickr

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