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In this remake of my personal site — I got rid of the freelance web development services custom post type. It was a lot of work adding pages for each individual service. And I don’t think it added much. I thought it was better to callout and describe each service I offer for freelance on one single, simple page instead.

I used Advanced Custom Fields to create flexible page layouts. Virtually any page can have the card layout found on the Freelance page, or the big callout section found on the homepage, or the big sections with featured projects. And they are even more flexible than what is technically shown. I didn’t really need that much complexity for this small site… but it makes expansion and updating quite easy if I ever choose to do so in the future.

I used bright pink and bright blue. I’ve always wanted a pink site. I think this pink is borderline obnoxious. But hopefully I used it in small enough amounts that it is not too troubling or overwhelming.

And — as always when working on a project from over two years ago — I had a lot to clean up, fix, and optimize. Always feels good!



Responsibilities & Tools

WordPress, PHP, Sass, JavaScript/jQuery, Underscores.me, Heisenberg, Advanced Custom Fields, Gravity Forms

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