Releasing Functions and Shortcodes mu-plugin for WordPress Developers

November 1, 2015

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So I am releasing a plugin for WordPress. It’s pretty simple and contains helpers, functions, and shortcodes I typically use in WordPress installations. Some useful stuff like phone numbers (which can change, and are a total pain in the butt when they do change). It’s honestly just been very helpful for me to be able to quickly clone this into my WordPress installs, so I figured if it helps someone else… why not.

Download Plugin

Why mu-plugin

I figure a downloadable mu-plugin is probably better than something I put in the WordPress plugin repository itself — at least until I add options for things that need to be customized through code. Which is totally doable. But I don’t know how worth the effort that would be, since this is like… a random collection of code junk I find useful, basically?

Feedback Please

I would seriously welcome any feedback on this plugin! Never done this before, so whether you want to comment here or open an issue on GitHub, I really and seriously appreciate it. Thank you!