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Feedback to Google on Gmail’s Message Clipping

Recently I’ve noticed some e-mail messages getting clipped off at the end in Gmail. There’s no setting to turn it off, according to this and this. Apparently there’s an extension for Chrome but that doesn’t help me much as I’m on Firefox. Also not really keen on needing to install a thing to prevent very simple behavior in a web app, but maybe that’s just me being stodgy. So I did what the product forums suggested and sent feedback off to Google. Funny thing is, when I sent it, the form just sort of disappeared, leaving the send button hanging […]

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Things to Change After Installing an SSL Certificate

The actual process of installing an SSL certificate will vary by server. This is not a guide for how to install an SSL, period. This is for all the other stuff that can slowly break when you install an SSL certificate — stuff you might not notice immediately. For SSL purchasing, I recommend Namecheap. I’ve used them as a domain registrar for a while now, and I’m very happy with them. They’re the only cheap SSL certificate ($10/year) I’ve found that seems reputable (i.e., other SSL certificates I’ve found for similar and lower prices have seemed to come from disreputable […]

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Not a Google Webmaster Tools Owner of Your Site?

At work, we had a weird situation wherein one of our properties wasn’t “owned” by our account in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). The differences between Owner and non-owner accounts are minor, but significant. An Owner has full control, while non-owners are more restricted. They can’t make certain changes to the property — perhaps the most important of which is linking the property to a Google Analytics (GA) account. This causes some data share between GWT and GA, which is important to have. It seems whoever set the site up had only added our account as a non-owner. This might be […]

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