Feedback to Google on Gmail’s Message Clipping

April 4, 2015

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Recently I’ve noticed some e-mail messages getting clipped off at the end in Gmail. There’s no setting to turn it off, according to this and this.

Apparently there’s an extension for Chrome but that doesn’t help me much as I’m on Firefox. Also not really keen on needing to install a thing to prevent very simple behavior in a web app, but maybe that’s just me being stodgy.

So I did what the product forums suggested and sent feedback off to Google. Funny thing is, when I sent it, the form just sort of disappeared, leaving the send button hanging out beneath it. So I am not sure if it actually sent or not. Oh well. Recording it here, too, for grins.

My Message

Please consider adding a user setting to turn off Gmail message clipping. It’s bothersome because it’s either hiding the unsubscribe link from email I signed up for but no longer want to receive, or hiding content I signed up for and want to receive.

In the screenshot included, you can see how half of Pinterest’s unsubscribe link is hidden. I am good about clicking unsubscribe instead of “spam” to help avoid catching legitimate messages. I will continue to be diligent about this regardless of whether a message has been clipped, but I don’t believe every user will be so diligent. It’s only one click to “Spam” something, after all!

I have fairly snappy internet so it does not concern me to receive long or large messages. The only time clipping would be useful for me is on a 3G or 4G phone connection — and there I use an app. It would be very helpful if I could turn off this clipping setting. Thank you!