Web Development Speed Test

February 16, 2015

Categorized: Kate's Updates

One of my friends needed a website for a business he wants to start. I threw this together for him in ~5 hours. I started around 8 PM and finished around 1 AM, from getting the information to closing down all of my tabs.

I primarily wanted to see how fast I could do this. It’s obviously not a very fancy site, but it’s good for me to know exactly how fast I can do these kinds of things, given sufficient motivation.

In reality, things are rarely this smooth. Customizing an existing site, of course, is always a lot longer of a process because you have to figure out what’s there already and how you want to do it. In this case, going from scratch, and essentially told, “I want a basic site, go wild” — it was a lot easier of a process. It also helps that this is a very barebones site!