RPG Resources (v3)

With this iteration of the site, I wasn’t adding tons of functionality on as I was re-theming and re-developing. Some features (e.g., user registration and accounts) were tacked-on during the v2 development. Additionally, the fact that I was developing child themes of the default themes — eek. That definitely made development more complex than it needed to be.

So in the v3 version — I was heavily focused on trying to make registration, user accounts, and interactions easier. I also did add some features — such as bbPress for forum posts, and BuddyPress for even better user management and features. This version of the site was heavily focused on social media integration, with Pinterest, Twitter feeds, Tumblr, Reddit, and more social media feeds and accounts created for the site.





Responsibilities & Tools

WordPress, bbPress, Underscores, PHP, CSS, Grunt, Waypoints, grunt-sass, node-bourbon, node-neat, FontAwesome