RPG Resources (v4)

View: forumroleplay.com

I recreated my RPG resources site. I was not fully happy with the previous versions, of course. This remake attempted to make things easier to access — the megamenu was the primary undertaking for this purpose. It was not fully successful — but I think it was still an improvement over the prior versions.

This project is also always interesting to me because I get to do things I normally would not. For example — I used Photoshop to piece together several Creative Commons stock images to create a fairy fantasy scene. It didn’t end up getting used in the final project, but it was still fun. Creating fantasy fairy images is not typically something you get to do when creating sites for agency and freelance clients, so forumroleplay.com is always a welcome departure for me.

It’s kind of hard to talk about the process behind this site — as well as view it in a successful light — as I am writing this description in 2018, two full years post-release. This far after release, the flaws I can see are numerous. That said, it’s a marker of progression and improvement to spot flaws in your own work — so it’s not at total loss!

Regardless, too — this project may still be interesting as you can see progression from the barebones pen-and-paper sketch to Photoshop mock-up to final live product.





Responsibilities & Tools

  • Design, development, content
  • Photoshop, WordPress, bbPress, Underscores, PHP, CSS, Sass, Grunt, Waypoints.js, grunt-sass, node-bourbon, node-neat, FontAwesome