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Backup Workflow and Scripting

Please-please-please don’t refer to anything said in here as a guide or true, unless it comes accompanying a supporting link (and even there, yeah, do your research). I’m learning this stuff and it definitely should not be taken as a how-to, tutorial, etc. If you have input and ways for me to improve what I’ve done or other suggestions, I appreciate it. Thanks!

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Importing Large MySQL Database with XAMPP

Even locally, phpMyAdmin has a size limit to the database you can import. You can change those limits, I’m pretty sure, but you can also bypass phpMyAdmin altogether and import the database with the XAMPP shell. Open the XAMPP shell (“Shell” button on your XAMPP Control Panel). Type: mysql -h localhost -u root database_name < J:\path\to\database.sql Change database_name to the name of the database you want to import to. Change the \path\to\database.sql to the appropriate path and filename. I'm working locally with XAMPP so I don't set a password on my root MySQL user (this is default behavior in XAMPP […]

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