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Feedback to Google on Gmail’s Message Clipping

Recently I’ve noticed some e-mail messages getting clipped off at the end in Gmail. There’s no setting to turn it off, according to this and this. Apparently there’s an extension for Chrome but that doesn’t help me much as I’m on Firefox. Also not really keen on needing to install a thing to prevent very simple behavior in a web app, but maybe that’s just me being stodgy. So I did what the product forums suggested and sent feedback off to Google. Funny thing is, when I sent it, the form just sort of disappeared, leaving the send button hanging […]

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Getting Stock and Project Photos

A common question I see is, “How do I find images to use on the Internet?” Whether you’re looking for something to just play around with and learn the basics or you’re seeking non-copyrighted images for use in paid projects, there are lots of places to find free images on the Internet. My aim here isn’t to create any kind of comprehensive list. I’m giving a list of the sites I tend to use more frequently than not, and what I tend to use them for. All freebie sites are not equal; you’ll have a better time searching if you […]

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Things to Change After Installing an SSL Certificate

The actual process of installing an SSL certificate will vary by server. This is not a guide for how to install an SSL, period. This is for all the other stuff that can slowly break when you install an SSL certificate — stuff you might not notice immediately. For SSL purchasing, I recommend Namecheap. I’ve used them as a domain registrar for a while now, and I’m very happy with them. They’re the only cheap SSL certificate ($10/year) I’ve found that seems reputable (i.e., other SSL certificates I’ve found for similar and lower prices have seemed to come from disreputable […]

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WordPress Plugins I Like

Tools Jetpack I’m putting this here because Jetpack does so many things. In particular, I like Sharing, Enhanced Distribution, Monitor, and Widget Visibility. A lot of other stuff is nice — like automatic verification of sites for Pinterest, Bing, and Google Webmaster Tools. Enabling Jetpack and this service on websites makes it ridiculously easy to verify these things. Subscriptions are also nice — and when I have multiple authors, Spelling and Grammar always helps!

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Not a Google Webmaster Tools Owner of Your Site?

At work, we had a weird situation wherein one of our properties wasn’t “owned” by our account in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). The differences between Owner and non-owner accounts are minor, but significant. An Owner has full control, while non-owners are more restricted. They can’t make certain changes to the property — perhaps the most important of which is linking the property to a Google Analytics (GA) account. This causes some data share between GWT and GA, which is important to have. It seems whoever set the site up had only added our account as a non-owner. This might be […]

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Turn Off Taskbar Pop-Ups in Windows 7+

Ever since I started on Windows 7, the little pop-ups you get over your taskbar when mousing down there annoyed me. I know they have a real name — but they aren’t really “previews” for me on Windows Classic, and they’re not really tooltips, either? They’re basically just pop-ups that allow me to close a window — which isn’t useful for me because I turn off collapsing.

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Web Development Speed Test

One of my friends needed a website for a business he wants to start. I threw this together for him in ~5 hours. I started around 8 PM and finished around 1 AM, from getting the information to closing down all of my tabs.

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Gravity Forms

I really, really like Gravity Forms. It’s powerful and offers a ton of functionality. I’ve developed with Gravity about a year and a half, using it for tons of different things: simple forms, complex forms, credit card payments, user registration.

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Introduction to WordPress Posting (Without Strong Technological Background)

This post assumes knowledge of logging in, navigating to the post section, getting into the editing screen on a post, and basic familiarity with the editing screen. If you need more basic information than this post provides, see the Simple WP Guide. It walks you through the very basics and is a great way to get started. If you know all of that already, this guide should help you bring your WordPress posting skills to the next level. If you’re looking to go even further, there are a number of side-notes in this post. Use them as opportunities to search […]

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