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Buying a Website 101

This is a 101 guide to buying a website. It’s intended to guide first-time website buyers through some preliminary preparation steps. As the buyer of a website, these are things you can do to prepare before talking to anyone or asking questions. Note: if you’re thinking about buying a website and you have a specific developer in mind, you should probably read their information on preparation.

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Using IFTTT to Share Social Media Posts Across Networks

IFTTT — If This Then That — allows greater connectivity between various services. It connects with a large number of different services (160 as of this writing). Everything from your phone’s text capabilities to your e-mail to your Twitter to your LinkedIn can be hooked through IFTTT. This post, however, focuses on using IFTTT to facilitate social media sharing across networks. Please note, I haven’t personally tested every recipe linked to in this post. You’ll have to do some experimenting of your own. Any recipe that has its own dedicated section with a linked example post on social media, I’ve […]

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Use WordPress Admin Themes to Differentiate Local and Live Environments

Quick post because I am a busy, busy, tired person but good things are totally happening (yay!). Use WordPress admin themes to differentiate your local development and live environments. Though I always run a local development environment, I frequently need to look on the live website to make sure the settings are the same or check different things, etc.

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IPB 1.3.1 to phpBB 3 Forum Conversion

I had an old forum archive on IPB 1.3.1 Final forum software from Invision Power Board. 1.3.1F is over 10 years old — it hasn’t been supported in a really, really long time, and its community of users is dwindling (or even nonexistent). More pressing, however — webhosts have been upgrading PHP lately. 1.3.1F has ceased to function without updates to make it compatible with new versions of PHP: some functions used by 1.3.1F have been deprecated, unsurprisingly. There are instructions as to how to make 1.3.1F compatible, but running an ancient and unsupported application isn’t ideal. We didn’t want […]

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Backup Workflow and Scripting

Please-please-please don’t refer to anything said in here as a guide or true, unless it comes accompanying a supporting link (and even there, yeah, do your research). I’m learning this stuff and it definitely should not be taken as a how-to, tutorial, etc. If you have input and ways for me to improve what I’ve done or other suggestions, I appreciate it. Thanks!

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XAMPP Installation and Common Problems

What We’re Trying to Do We’re trying to set up a local web development environment on a Windows computer with an XAMPP installation. XAMPP will allow us to run Apache and MySQL on our local computer. Apache is a web server technology: it allows us to run PHP. MySQL is a database technology: it allows us to create and operate MySQL databases. For more information, see the Apache and MySQL sites. Don’t get lost — extensive knowledge isn’t required to use XAMPP. We want Apache and MySQL because without them, we cannot run PHP/MySQL applications such as WordPress or phpBB. […]

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